Question: Do your TV top shelf brackets need to be attached to the VESA mounts on the back of my television?

Answer: No. This is one of the benefits of the Centre Stage Bracket design. Simply assemble the product, place it on your television as though it were an additional shelf on top of your TV and the weight of your speaker/component will keep the bracket in place (please review the other installation recommendations on this page).


Question: What are the supplied adhesive rubber bumpers for?

Answer: We supply these adhesive rubber bumpers for the customer to install on the underside of the top plate where the bracket comes in contact with the television. This has two purposes:

  • it protects your television from scratching
  • it keeps the bracket from sliding around on top of the television


Question: Do you have any installation recommendations?

Answer: We recommend that when you’re installing the bracket for the first time, be sure that the top shelf of the bracket (the surface where the speaker/component will sit) is angled down slightly towards the listening/viewing area before placing the speaker/component on top of the television and be sure that you have installed the supplied rubber bumpers under the top shelf where the bracket comes in contact with the television. Generally, the weight of the speaker/component will counter the slight angle and level the top shelf. If after installation you find the angle a little too much, make small adjustments on the adjustable bolts while supporting the weight of the speaker (we recommend that two people be present when installing speakers and components).


Question: What if my speaker or component is wider than your bracket’s top shelf?

Answer: It is perfectly acceptable to have a speaker or component hang off the edges of our top shelf a little bit. It is common to have a 14-18 inch wide speaker sit on top of our 12 inch wide (CSB 1205 Pro) top shelf bracket with the speaker hanging over the edges on either side 2-4 inches. It is even okay for the speaker to hang off the back of the top shelf an inch or so. Just be sure that your speaker resides within the weight restrictions listed for the product.


Question: Can I put a speaker that weighs more than 15 pounds on top of my television?

Answer: Questions are commonly asked regarding  the maximum weight of a speaker/component that can be placed upon our brackets. These questions generally refer to our CSB-1409-PRO (and CSB-1210-BLK which has been discontinued) as the bracket is designed for larger speakers and customers who are looking at this bracket often have speakers that exceed the maximum 15 pound weight restriction for this bracket.  Our other products have lower weight restrictions and are designed for smaller and lighter speakers and components so there is less to take in consideration with them.

It should be stated up front that our weight restrictions given for our brackets are in place for the protection of the customer and the television. The weight restrictions DO NOT reflect the ability of the bracket itself and the bracket is built with materials and build quality standards that allow our brackets to exceed our weight restrictions. That being said there are a few things that our customers should take into consideration when deciding whether one of our products will work with their home entertainment system.

  • Take into consideration the television you are mounting the bracket to. In the case of installing larger speakers on top of your television using our CSB-1409-PRO bracket it is important to know that this particular model will only work on televisions that are 1.5 inches or thicker.
  • It is important to think about whether your television’s support base is even capable of sustaining the weight of your speaker.  In the past, when flat-panel televisions were much thicker and heavier, support stands for these televisions were robust and could withhold a considerable amount of weight. Today, as television manufacturing companies produce thinner and lighter televisions the support bases for these sets have become flimsier as they are not required to support as much weight. This second point is the main reason why we have a 15 pound weight restriction on our products. It is not because the bracket is incapable of supporting significant weight but because the television and television stand may not be able.
  • Screen size needs to be taken into consideration. The larger the screen the more likely the television support base will be capable of supporting additional weight. The support base on a 36 inch television will be much smaller and flimsier than the support base on a television that has a screen size of 55 to 75+ inches. The larger the television screen is the more likely it is that the television base can support additional weight (but this cannot be said of all large-screen televisions).
  • The dimensions and weight of the speaker you are intending to place on top of your television needs to be considered. Because of the above mentioned issues in regards to televisions and television support bases, we cannot recommend placing more than 15 pounds on top of modern televisions. That is not to say that it cannot be done with some televisions but if you exceed the 15 pound weight restriction then it is your responsibility to be sure that your speaker and television are secure.

Our company cannot know every television/speaker configuration that our customers will confront so please take into consideration the four points above as some simple common sense guidelines to follow.


Can I use two CSB-1409-PRO for large speakers ?

Answer: It is possible to use two brackets side-by-side although it would be even more important in these cases to take into consideration points 1-4 listed above. We cannot guarantee every set up will work. It is your responsibility as the customer to install our brackets using these common sense guidelines.


Question: Will this bracket work with TVs mounted to the wall?

Answer: If you’re television’s wall mount bracket is able to articulate away from the wall about 3-5 inches at the top then you should be able to use this product with your wall-mounted television. If you’re television’s wall Mount does not articulate or is flush against the wall then it will not work because you need room behind the television for the shelf and adjustable bolt(s).


Question: What if I am missing some parts?

Answer: Please send us an email to info@centrestagebracket.com with your name, address, a phone number you can be reached at, and specify the part you are missing. We will mail it to you as soon as possible.